Smart Plan Design for Cost Control: Navigating Weight Loss Meds, The Biosimilar Pipeline & Manufacturer Assistance

Posted on: August 29th, 2023

October 17, 2023

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Business Owners, HR Professional, Finance Professionals; Employers with 50+ employees exploring self-funding or captive strategies, including those currently in captive agreements.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, rising prescription drug costs have become a pressing concern for businesses. As market dynamics shift, finding effective strategies to manage these escalating expenses while maintaining high-quality healthcare coverage for employees has become increasingly challenging. We invite you to join this webinar, where we will discuss innovative solutions and insights that empower you to navigate rising prescription costs and optimize your health plan designs.

Are you seeking innovative strategies to manage costs while ensuring member satisfaction in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape?
Discover smart plan design for cost control in evolving markets.

  • Weight Loss Medications: Learn how strategic plan design can help you avoid off-label utilization and manage the costs of these high-priced drugs, ensuring employee well-being without compromising your financial bottom line.
  • The Biosimilar Pipeline: As more biosimilars enter the market, they are playing the same PBM rebate game for formulary placement. Learn how to stay a step ahead and maximize the potential savings of strategically allowing formulary placement.
  • Manufacturer Assistance Programs: Uncover the power of collaboration with manufacturers to enhance your plan’s cost-efficiency, benefiting your business and your employees.

Adam Aguilar, Pharmacy Benefit Consultant, Action Pharmaceutical Consulting

Action Pharmaceutical Consulting (APC) specializes in self-funded insurance with a focus on PBM management. APC has over 15 years of experience connecting plan sponsors and their Benefit Advisors with a network of carved out pharmacy benefit managers providing better plan performance and cost containment. APC works with a network of PBMs that offers customized and member-centric specialty drug management.

Their PBM network partners proactively search and implement the best pricing programs that serve both payer and their members.


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