ASDAWEST is a Regional Purchasing Group (RPG), whereby “Peer Grouping” privately held businesses of like kind and quality who work together… share information for new ideas… and explore alternative insurance solutions.

We believe a relationship of mutual trust and respect between business owners, risk managers, insurers and service providers is paramount to achieve desired results.

We look forward to working together, to bring long term stability to the property/casualty insurance marketplace, addressing safety and risk management solutions for your company.

In 1997, InterWest Insurance Services and several of our clients worked on a collaborative effort to form ASDAWEST.

Our goal is to provide an alternative solution to the rising cost and inefficiencies in the property/casualty insurance marketplace. Over the years, this effort of working together has created an environment of trust, while identifying common concerns, and proactively seeking solutions. We continue to focus on selecting quality construction companies who have a willingness to partner with one another, share expertise about common business issues, and implement risk management practices.

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