Pollution Liability

Posted on: January 3rd, 2014

Pollution Insurance is intended to fill the gap in your Commercial General Liability policy that results from the Absolute Pollution Exclusion. Contractor’s Pollution Liability covers third party bodily injury, property damage, clean-up costs and defense costs from pollution exposures for the insured’s operations at sites where the insured, or the insured’s subcontractors, are working or have worked.

Examples of Common Pollution Exposures Faced by Contractors

  • Development of mold or fungus from water intrusion due to incorrect installations, piping or HVAC errors, wet materials or improper sealing procedures.
  • Disturbing unknown pre-existing contamination.
  • Excavation through and spreading of unknown preexisting contaminated soil.
  • Discarded woodwork and plaster from demolition or
    renovations may contain asbestos or lead-based paint.
  • Vandalism or attempted theft can result in malicious or inadvertent releases of diesel fuel, gasoline, paints, lacquers, stains or adhesives.
  • Incorrect storage and handling of chemicals

Benefits of Having Pollution Insurance

  • Financial security in case of an accident
  • Increased marketability by giving you an edge on the
  • Shows your commitment to safety and environmental
  • Valuable risk management protection for your business

Take a proactive, not a reactive approach to environmental issues.
Incorporate controls into your overall risk management. Ask owners if environmental studies were completed on project sites, demand clear and concise contracts, and educate your field personnel to identify potential environmental hazards.

Contact Greg Scoville and he will help you assess your exposures and offer effective solutions to protect you from devastating financial loss.

The application for this coverage can be found on the Risk Management Platform under Browse Resources for ASDAWEST Categories.

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