January 2015 Newsletter

Posted on: January 9th, 2015

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  • Mandatory OSHA Reporting Requirements
  • Congressional Inaction on Renewal of Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Renewal May Cause U.S. Businesses to Lose Their Terrorism Coverage In 2015
  • Labor Contractor (AB 1897) – Fact Sheet
  • JOIN US – 1st Quarter Employers’ School – Leaves Management & Labor Law Updates
  • ACA Webinar – What’s next for the ACA?
  • CPR & First Aid Certification Training
  • Clarify Duty To Defend When Multiple Policies Are Triggered
  • 5 Warning Signs of Building Foundation Problems
  • Business Interruption: How Not to Stay Down When You’re Out
  • 5 Steps to Smarter Catastrophe Preparations
  • Growing Interest in Cyber Liability Insurance
  • 5 Labor Department PPACA Audit Insights
  • Workers Rate Benefits Important, Show High Take-Up Rates
  • HDHPs Gaining in Popularity
  • More Employers Embrace Flexible Schedules
  • Is Resume Fraud More Common Than Ever?


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